Walstroom: honest, simple, clean

More than 2,500 inland waterway vessels make daily use of the 300 quayside electricity connections which are linked to the Walstroom system. Connections for river cruise ships are also linked to this system at 15 locations in the Netherlands. The Walstroom service is available in English, Dutch, French and German.

Walstroom makes diesel generators surplus to requirements. The electricity that the participating ports buy is green, making harmful emissions a thing of the past. Walstroom also eliminates noise disturbance for both the skipper and his environment. And, last but not least, quayside electricity is a cheaper alternative to diesel.

Walstroom's services are based on highly reliable, remotely readable electricity meters. The quayside electricity connections can be activated and deactivated remotely by skippers and consumption is registered and invoiced automatically on behalf of the relevant ports.

Walstroom is very user friendly. No messing around with coins or cards: the connections can be operated by telephone (0900-1492), the Walstroom app (available for Android and Apple) or via this website.

Walstroom in your port or harbour?

Which port or harbour master doesn't dream of having a clean, peaceful environment, without the all the administrative hassle involved in offering quayside electricity? Many port, harbour and local authorities have taken the plunge in the past seven years.

What connection is free?

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